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Fareast Service Company (FESCO) offers rental services on warehouses in conjunction with real estate purchasing and selling in Okinawa. If you are currently searching for property or are interested in the real estate we are offering for rental or sale, please contact or visit us at our offices for more information. Below is a list of land we currently possess and are willing to lease or sale to interested customers. Please feel free to look for the property that will cater to your needs.

Lease a newly built Warehouse!

Currently at our corporation we have available for lease one warehouse space of 9,963 sq. ft. (280 tsubo). If you would like to learn more information about leasing our warehouse or purchasing it, please contact or visit us at our office.

Lease a newly built Warehouse!

  • Period of Contract・・・2 years
  • Fee・・・\876,000/monthly
  • Deposit・・・2 months
Plans(PDF File)
  1. Entire Arrangement Plan(136 KB)
  2. Floor Plan-1(108 KB)Floor Plan-2(103 KB)Floor Plan-3(83.8 KB)
  3. Cross Section Diagram-1(90.3 KB)Cross Section Diagram-2(85.5 KB)
  4. 4. Elevational View-1(84.8 KB)Elevational View-2(79.1 KB)Elevational View-3(82.5 KB)Elevational View-4(75.7 KB)