■ International Trade Services

FESCO provides trade services to meet your specific needs. Our services revolve around your needs. FESCO provides “Door to Door” service, such as purchasing, consolidation, freight forwarding, exporting, shipping, importing, warehousing, marketing, and distribution.

■Why can FESCO provide the best prices with the best service?

  1. FESCO has two branch offices in the USA to facilitate efficient export/import coordination, purchasing, and freight forwarding.
  2. FESCO imports directly from the USA, China, Taiwan, South Africa, Malaysia, and the Philippines.
  3. FESCO has over 60 years of trading experience (established in 1958).
  4. FESCO imports and consolidates cargo in 20ft and 40ft container loads, which brings down costs on a unit basis.
  5. FESCO also imports in small quantities by FEDEX for fast service.
  6. FESCO imports frequently, providing fresh stock.
  7. FESCO contracts with professional logistics companies, such as FEDEX, Yu-Pack (Japan Post), Yamato Unyu, Sagawa Kyubin, obtaining very competitive freight, warehousing, and packaging costs.
  8. FESCO’s has a multilingual international staff providing fast and efficient trading (import/export) service.
  9. FESCO invests in computer systems to facilitate very efficient order processing and flow of data through its supply chain which lowers processing costs.

■Example of Products Imported by FESCO

・Food and Amusement/Theme Park Products:
Primarily toward food service industry. Bulk & Microwave Popcorn, Coconut (Popcorn Popping) Oil, Caramel Glaze, Savory Flavorings, Salad Dressing (Mayonnaise), etc.

・Theater Equipment
Popcorn popping machines, TELEX Headsets & speakers, 3D glasses, Hot Dog grills, etc.

・Hardware/DIY Items
WD-40 Multi Use Product (Rust Preventative/Lubricant Spray), White Lithium Grease, Silicone Spray, Contact Cleaner, Hand tools, Locks, BioLube CFR Concrete Form Release

Swimsuits, Fitness Wear, Military Surplus wear

・Environmental Asbestos & Lead Based Paint Abatement Equipment
Negative Air Machines & Filters, Respirators, Air Sampling Cassettes, Manometer Pressure Differential Recorder, Vacuum Cleaners, Protective clothing, etc

・Water Vending and Filtration Equipment
・Medical Equipment: Sleep monitors